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Let’s save our bees

Let’s save our bees

Each year beekeepers lose on average up to 1/3 of their bee colonies. The species has been facing the threat of extinction for more than fifteen years. However, we know that bees are essential to the preservation of our planet and mankind. Today, Hostabee, a key player in the agri-tech sector, is committed to saving our bees and preserving our planet.

Our mission

hostabee, l’innovation au service de l’environnement

Using connected beekeeping

At Hostabee, we are pioneers in universal, innocuous, and affordable connected hives. Our connected solutions are specially designed for and alongside beekeepers, in partnership with Orange and French Tech.

Our technology
Using connected beekeeping

Get involved in preserving our bees


Preserving our bees means preserving our planet and therefore protecting mankind.
Professionals, amateurs, and businesses… Hostabee can support you towards connected beekeeping !
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