Connected hives:
solution for beekeepers

Beekeepers are the first to notice the alarming disappearance of our bees. In addition to the comparatively high death rate among bees, these professionals and hobbyists sometimes have to deal with acts of vandalism and hive thefts.

In view of this, the ability to anticipate anomalies within hives has become crucial. On average, beekeepers have to visit their hives around ten times each year. However, these regular checks do not necessarily enable them to detect possible issues in time. They are also time-consuming for beekeepers and cause stress for bees.

Ruche apiculture

That’s why we have developed B-Keep and B-Swarm, these connected units enable professional and amateur beekeepers to monitor hives and their inhabitants remotely. The data, collected each hour by sensors, can be consulted via a dedicated application. This information (humidity, temperature, etc.) provides fast answers on the state of health of the bee colony,

The universal unit measures just a few millimetres in thickness and is suitable for use in all models of hives

Dimension : 5.8 x 3.4 x 1.2 cm.

B-Keep & B-Swarm

  • Storage of data sent by the box. Information can be consulted at any time by beekeepers.
  • A multi-platform application to make it easier to monitor the bee colony life cycle via a smartphone, tablet or pc.
  • Hourly notifications to closely monitor the development of the colony. And special notifications in case of emergency.
Ruche apiculture
  • Geolocation tool making it possible to know in real time the position of the hive.
  • Statistical monitoring of the main hive indicators: temperature and humidity.
  • An affordable solution for all beekeepers with a subscription of €3 per month on a sliding scale.

Beekeepers now have the necessary tools to help them prevent the main causes of high mortality among bees.

With B-Keep and B-Swarm, beekeepers can also optimise work hours by limiting unnecessary travel.

The Hostabee solution is modernising the beekeeping profession, now at the heart of the agri-tech sector.

"It’s an ideal solution for monitoring bee colonies remotely.
And it’s essential in January to track how the hive is doing,
when the weather makes it hard to travel".
""The Hostabee box is important because it enables you
to see when it is necessary to visit your hive to intervene
and make the necessary corrections”.

An optimal solution

Our connected box has a universal format, suitable for use in all types of hives

The box operates using batteries that offer a 2-year autonomy. No specific maintenance is required.

The box costs less than €100, which is the most competitive price on the market. Our ambition is to make life easier for beekeepers.

The box uses radio technology that causes no stress for bees.