Our mission

Each year, bee colonies suffer heavy losses on a global scale. 


The extinction of pollinators has direct consequences on the environment, with 70% of our crops (fruits, cereals, vegetables, oilseeds and spices) pollinated by bees, in other words the survival of our flora, as well as the food on our plates, is largely dependent on the work carried out each day by these pollen-gathering bees. Clearly, bees hold the future of the world between their mandibles. 


Hostabee was set up to save our bees, and therefore, our planet. Since 2015, we have been developing connected objects for use in beekeeping. Our B-Keep and B- Warm units enable beekeepers worldwide to track and monitor their bee colonies remotely. 


Hostabee is a pioneer in universal and affordable connected hives and is today a global leader in the agri-tech sector. In close collaboration with Orange, our solutions use the latest technologies in terms of connectivity and artificial intelligence. We combine new technologies with ongoing research in the field, in direct contact with professionals from the sector and beekeepers, to meet their needs as closely as possible. 


We are convinced that this is the best way to respond to the global ecological and economic issue of the disappearance of pollinators. If properly used, technology can be used to promote a cleaner and more sensible agriculture, full of promise. By placing ourselves at the heart of the agri-tech sector, we are contributing fully to this new expanding industry. Hostabee hopes to play a part in saving the world.




Already an international benchmark
in the agri-tech sector

From amateur beekeepers and local communities to global corporations (Google) and prestigious partnerships (Orange, French Tech), we are proud of all our customers! By opting for a connected hive, each is helping our pollinators survive and protecting our biodiversity. It is also through our customers’ trust that Hostabee has fast become an international benchmark in the agri-tech sector and connected beekeeping.

connected beehives around the world
+ millions
saved bees in 2 years
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of mortality in your bee colonies

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