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B-keep is a very simple way to monitor your hives remotely. A small device placed in the hive transmits information on your colonies’ conditions in real-time.

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On average, beekeepers usually visit their hives a dozen times per year. These regular controls may not necessarily be sufficient to detect any problems in time. They are also time-consuming for the beekeeper, and often stress the bees.

When using B-Keep sensors installed in hives, data is collected every hour and can be viewed via a dedicated app. Humidity, temperature, etc… this information makes it possible to rapidly check the colony’s health and anticipate any problems. As a result, apiary visits are optimized, more targeted, or even reduced, and the beekeeper can detect issues as soon as they occur.

B-keep’s advantages:

– Rapidly and remotely interpret events occurring in the hive: the arrival of nectar (or its absence!), brood cell capping, stoppage and resumption of egg laying, swarming, etc.

– Ability to anticipate colony loss: the indicator lights will be red and will alert you of an abnormal situation. It’s up to you to prevent the loss of the colony!

– Know in advance what you need to bring with you to the apiary, to optimize your visits.

B-keep’s key points:

– In-hive temperature readings (precision +/- 0.5°C – ~1° F)

– In-hive humidity readings (precision +/- 3 %)

– Simple! Requires no additional device to transmit data. It is directly sent from the B-keep to the application on your phone.

– Possibility of grouping hives by apiary, and of sharing your apiary with other users (included in V2.0 of the app, available soon!)

– Average battery life of 2 years, using 2 AAA batteries. The batteries are easy to replace.

– A “”Made in France”” device using food-grade plastic

– Dimensions: 7 x 8.5 x 1.2 cm. (2.75 x 3.35 x .5 in) The perfect size for inside the hive!

– Low-frequency radio waves that won’t disturb your bees.

– Adaptable to all types of hives.

– Technologies used: LoRa WAN or SigFox, depending on your country’s network coverage (note: the B-keeps sold on our site are exclusively SigFox)

– Web application accessible on any device (smartphone, computer, tablet – all makes) via your web browser.

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Dimensions 8 × 7.5 × 1.2 cm