B-swarm – EN

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B-swarm is designed to fight against hive theft. The beekeeper is informed by an alert when his hive is in movement, and can monitor its location in real-time via an app.



Before you order, please make sure you check your apiary’s coverage on https://coverage.hostabee.com


In certain regions, hive theft is a sword of Damocles for beekeepers. There aren’t many ways to prevent it, and it can be difficult to recover stolen colonies or obtain redress. Faced with this observation, the French startup Hostabee has developed a discreet GPS device that is easy to place inside the hive: B-swarm.

B-swarm enables you to locate your hive in real-time, alerts you in the event of unusual movement, and makes it possible to monitor its movements on a map if it is stolen. Easy to use, it is equipped with a CR 123 Lithium battery with a battery life of around 12 months.

The advantages of B-swarm:

– Real-time, 24/7 hive geolocation (precision: +/- 20 meters)
– Possibility of receiving SMS alerts if your hives move
– 12-month battery life (replaceable battery) with the battery level displayed in the app.
– Low-frequency radio waves to avoid disturbing your bees
– Technology used: Sigfox* – Dimensions: 8.5 x 5 x 2.5 cm (3.35 x 1.97 x .98 in), for a discreet device
– Simple! Does not require an additional device to transmit data. It is sent directly from the B-swarm to the app.
– Web application accessible from any device (smartphone, computer, tablet – all makes) via your web browser.
– Functions with a yearly subscription system (see “Use” tab for more information” .

*A LoRa WAN version also exists, equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery, with around 6 months of battery life.