B-swarm – GPS Tracker

135,00 Including taxes



In some areas, the flights of hives are a true sword of Damocles for beekeepers. Few solutions exist to avoid them, and recourse to find the stolen colonies or get reparation are sometimes difficult. Faced with this observation, the French start-up Hostabee has developed a GPS, discreet and easy to place in the hive: the B-Swarm.

The advantages of B-Swarm:

– The geolocation of the hive on demand by SMS accurately: +/- 20 meters. (10 positions / month)

– An autonomy of 6-8 months (rechargeable), with battery level alert.

– Acrtif only a few millisiconds, not to disrupt your bees

– Technology used: GSM

– Dimensions: 65×30.5×18 mm, for a discreet device

– Simple! Does not require additional device to transmit the data.

– spun frame provided to conceal the tracer